Wednesday, November 9, 2016


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Something that affects my life, and many others life's is school. School is something that is very, very serious. School is not something that you can save for a later time, or just not go to. School is a mandatory event for everyone in the U.S. Schools give you well needed education, that can be very helpful. If you do not attend a school, and you are in ages 4-16, it is against the law, and the government will give your parents/guardians a ticket or fine. All in all, going to school is a mandatory event that everyone must go to and if they don't, it is illegal. 

Pursuit of Happiness

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Something in my life that makes me happy is food. Ranging from pizza to noodles, food is essential and delicious at the same time. The reason i am currently eating all of my healthy and tasty foods is because of the  FDA. The FDA  helps us because it labels what foods are healthy and good to eat, and it also helps the public health by getting rid of foods that are bad for us.


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In my opinion, something that represents liberty is drunk driving. Drunk driving is terrible in many ways. One reason drunk driving is bad is because it puts many lives in danger. The people drunk driving could affect are the driver, the people they crash into, and the people who are in the drunk persons car. In 2014, nearly 9,000 people died and approximately 290,000 people were injured due to drunk driving.